Generation energy


PGE GiEK S.A. Branch of Bełchatów Power Plant

Separation of the electrical and technological controls and replacement of controllers with the reconstruction of the DCS system of the carburising plant.

PGE GiEK S.A. Branch/Opole Power Plant

Construction of the I&C system for the external carburisation system and the execution of the I&C system for the external light fuel oil system as part of the construction of new units 5 and 6 at PGE GiEK S.A.

Veolia Energia Poznań S.A.

Construction of a light oil unloading, storage and feeding station for PTWM boilers.


Environmental protection



Modernisation of the sewage treatment plant in the field of electrical and I&C industry with the implementation of the SIMATIC S7 control system and WinCC visualisation.

MPWiK Warszawa S.A.

Performance of construction works including I&C works as part of the project: “Modernisation of the Northern Plant – stage II. Modernisation of the 1st and 2nd degree pumping stations”.

PWiK Oświęcim Sp. z o.o.

Implementation of the Intelligent Water Supply Network Management System.

Selected Projects

Metalworking industry


KGHM Polska Miedź S.A.

Implementation of the I&C installation in the project: “Waste segregation and concentration station with facilities and accompanying infrastructure”.
Expansion of the electricity and energy media monitoring and settlement system in Branch/ZWR.
Works in the electrical industry and I&C on the replacement of pumping systems at ZWR Polkowice for stage II as part of the investment project “Modernisation of classification systems in Branch/ZWR”.

Selected Projects

Chemical and petrochemical industry


PCC Rokita S.A.

General performance of works related to the implementation of electrical installations and I&C along with the delivery of equipment and assembly for the construction of a new saponification station on a propylene oxide installation.
Projectsin the electrical industry and I&C – “Construction of the installation for the production of polyether polyols V RTP-2 line”.
Comprehensive programming and assembly work in the electrical, I&C and mechanical industries for the needs of the new DCS system for the CTP-3 Propylene Oxide installation.

Selected Projects

Hydraulic engineering


RZGW Wrocław Sp. z o.o. (now Polish Waters)

Electrical and telecommunication works as part of the project: “Modernisation and restoration of the Flood Canal and the Old Odra River from the lower position of the Psie Pole weir to the Poznańskie railway bridges (renovation of the Różanka lock).”
Performing I&C works as part of the modernisation of the barrage in Brzeg Dolny.
Performing electrical and I&C works as part of the project: “Construction of a fish ladder at the mouth of the Nysa water reservoir to the river”


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