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Proman platform - full knowledge on production processes

The Proman platform supports the management of technological processes in industrial plants, enables the improvement of production processes and supports maintenance procedures in many enterprises in Poland. Proman integrates control systems, ERP and other software, providing a complete and up-to-date view of the company’s operations. It is a bridge between the world of production and the world of finance and management.

Kompletna wiedza o procesach produkcji w czasie rzeczywistym

Full production knowledge in real time


  • Full and up-to-date picture of the production being performed
  • Processing data from multiple sources
  • Confirmation of production directly in ERP
  • Fast identification of irregularities and control of production costs
  • Quality maintenance support
  • Automatic flow of information
Centralne repozytorium danych o procesie produkcji

Central data repository


  • Data from any control systems, meters and measuring devices available in one central source of information.
  • Efficient handling of the growing amount of data describing monitored processes and the operation of plant infrastructure.
  • Access to information from anywhere, anytime
Zdalne zarządzanie, planowanie i sterowanie produkcją

Implementation and improvement of operation maintenance processes


  • Implementation of operation maintenance tasks and processes
  • Collection and processing of data about the infrastructure of the production plant: documents, measurements, events, failures, inspections, reports
  • Mobile handling of maintenance activities with the option of integration with the ERP system
  • Support for a reactive and preventive operation maintenance model, along with data analysis available for prediction of future requirements
Zdalne zarządzanie, planowanie i sterowanie produkcją

Remote enterprise management


  • Convenient and effective implementation of tasks by employees
  • Automation of business processes using mobile tools, including integration with ERP systems
  • Streamlining the communication process and accelerating the flow of information and documents
  • Permanent access to data and the ability to exchange information and implement processes at any place and time
Planowania produkcji - program Proman

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More information about the Proman Platform, a full description of the functionality and examples of implementations can be found on the product page:

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