Solutions for power generation engineering

We have many years’ experience in cooperation with Polish and foreign power plants and cogeneration plants

We specialise in designing and implementing state-of-the-art technological solutions in the field of automation, as well as electrical and low-current systems for power plants,cogeneration plants and heat plants. We also carry out start-up procedures of processing facilities in the commercial power industry.

Our solutions are dedicated to:

  • - power units
  • - flue gas desulphurization and treatment systems
  • - coal and biomass feeding systems
  • - ash removal and deslagging systems
  • - water and wastewater treatment facilities
  • - heating systems
  • - other systems, including: compressor systems, ignition burners, rotating air heaters, soot blowers, cooling towers, oil systems, etc.
Our solutions are used by:


Contact with specialist:

Jeremiasz Rękoś
Market Manager
Power Automation Department