System for controlling start-up losses

The Optelon system is a tool for determining the  energy start-up costs and losses which  occur  when starting up the power units on an ongoing basis. The data delivered by the Optelon system enable the user to both reduce the financial costs and restrict the negative ecological impact of power generation. The Optelon system was developed thanks to the cooperation among PROCOM SYSTEM, PGE Elektrownia Opole S.A. Power Station and the Opole University of Technology - the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Automatic Control and Informatics.

Determination of energy start-up costs and losses in power units

Optelon system functions:

  • automatic data acquisition from the measuring equipment used in power units
  • support for the personnel in charge of the operation of power units - online observations of start-up losses suffered in individual unit start-up stages
  • support for the operating services - historical data are the basis for forecasting the start-up costs and modifications of the start-up cycle stages
  • definition of calculation algorithms to adjust the system to the real conditions of unit operation.

Direct method for the determination of energy losses

The direct method for the determination of energy losses used in the Optelon system:

  • is relatively easy to use
  • does not require an excessive amount of measuring instruments
  • allows losses to be determined on-line
  • provides the correct results also when the process deviates from the optimum conditions (emergency situations)
  • is in compliance with PN-EN 12952-15:2006

Data collected automatically by the system:

  • unit power, PW
  • amount of coal (calculated)
  • heavy oil, process steam and make-up water flows
  • boiler and turbine criterion parameters (temperatures, pressures)
  • unit protection status
  • operating status of criterion devices (burners, feed pumps)

Data entered manually:

  • coal and heavy oil calorific value
  • unit cost of coal, heavy oil, sewage and make-up water
  • unit cost of energy

"Recommendable Technology" award

In 2003, Elektrownia Opole S.A. was awarded the title of "Recommendable Technology" in the Ecological Competition "Environmental Friends" for the start-up loss control system.






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