System for visualisation and supporting the management of manufacturing processes

Wherever the monitoring of manufacturing processes matters, the Proman system turns out to be a reliable tool to support the maintenance services and provide real-time knowledge of the states of production. Proman collects data from different automation systems, converts them into a uniform standard and aggregates and archives them. Data are made available to the users in the form of various types of reports, charts and diagrams. In combination with low hardware requirements, a wide range of functions makes the Proman system one of the best IT solutions of this type.

Full knowledge of manufacturing processes

Main functions of Proman system:

  • assessment of the conditions of manufacturing and automation systems based on synoptic diagrams, charts, reports, alarms and events
  • notification of alarm conditions
  • analysis of the course of failures and determination of their reasons
  • integration and operation with the equipment operation control systems
  • data generation for economic calculations
  • extended data archiving
  • data processing according to the customer?s own algorithms using library functions and the possibility of editing them on-line
  • data export to the external management systems (any SQL databases) or open formats of CSV and HTML

Operation with other systems

The Proman system may be the source of information on manufacturing processes for the management systems (e.g. ERP and MES) and other specialised systems. Proman may operate independently or supplement SCADA systems.

Wide area of applications

The examples of Proman system users may include, but are not limited to: power stations, heat and power generating plants, gas works, chemical and food production plants, cement mills, coking plants, sewage treatment plants, waterworks and many others. High flexibility means the system is fully customised.

Safe implementation and easy operation

Proman is equipped with a friendly interface, which considerably reduces the time of user training while implementing the system. The users do not need to have a wide knowledge in the field of IT and their skills acquired during the training allow them to administer the system and make changes in its configuration on their own. The implementation of the Proman system does not disturb the continuity of the on-going manufacturing processes in the enterprise.

Benefits of using the Proman system:

  • reduction in manufacturing costs and system maintenance costs
  • immediate information on a failure and the possibility to analyse its reasons
  • reduction in the amount of work for the preparation of the required data, reports, and diagrams

Advantages of the Proman system:

  • intuitive operation
  • quick access to data
  • unlimited extension possibilities
  • high level of data protection
  • flexible reporting
  • compatibility with other systems
  • accessibility through the Internet 





Contact with specialist:

Adam Rybski
Market Manager
Industrial IT Department