System for controlling the operation of power  and heat units

Meskan system is a modern tool for controlling the operation of power  and heat units. Its basic task is the on-line supervision of power generation and thus the optimisation of the costs of its production. Meskan may operate as an autonomous IT system, but its huge advantage is the ability to also communicate with other external systems and provide them with its resulting data. The Meskan system is the joint work of the Institute of Thermal Technology of the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice and PROCOM SYSTEM S.A.

Reliable measurement values - Gauss compensation calculation method

Meskan is a system for controlling the operation of power  and heat units, which uses the Gauss compensation calculation method for the validation of measurements. This method has been used for many years by the Institute of Thermal Technology of the Silesian University of Technology in its research on thermal processes. It allows  reliable results of the operating parameters and indicators that characterise the electric power and heat generation process to be obtained.

On-line supervision and the optimisation of energy generation processes

Basic functions of the Meskan system:

  • power assessment of the operation of units at a power station and heat and power generating plant for a specified period of operation, including:
    • determination of watt-hour efficiency and the unit fuel chemical energy consumption for the electric energy and heat generation
    • determination of operating parameters and indicators of power machinery and equipment
    • determination of the uncertainty of calculations and statistical analysis of the main technical and economical indicators
    • determination of deviations in the unit fuel energy consumption index from the level determined by the reference operating parameters
    • determination of power characteristics and power generation costs
    • simulation of the effect of the basic operating parameters on the unit fuel consumption and obtained indicators
    • drawing up reports and diagrams.

Benefits of the Meskan system implementation:

  • access to reliable information on the state of the operation of the units and costs of power generation
  • maintenance of the optimum efficiency of the power machinery and equipment
  • reduction in fuel consumption and running costs
  • knowledge of the areas and amounts of power loss
  • possibility to carry out the energy balance analyses for individual process units
  • evaluation of the correct operation of the measuring equipment
  • possibility to examine the effect of changes in operating parameters on fuel consumption in consideration of interrelations
  • possibility to determine the efficiency of modernisation projects
  • reduction in the costs of outsourced examinations and analyses
  • reduction in the risk of error in actions related to the improvement in efficiency of electric power and heat generation.

Friendly user interface

The GUI of the Meskan system allows for the presentation of results in the form of synoptic schemes, reports and diagrams, as well as exporting and archiving the results. The interface also enables the management of the system users? authorisations. The interface enables:

  • repeating the calculations after any corrections are made
  • flexible definition of any reports presenting the results of system calculations
  • drawing up configurable diagrams and clear flow charts
  • exporting the results of calculations to other systems thanks to the possibility of adjustment to the communication standard or in accordance with HTML, XML, XLS, TXT or CSV formats





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