Industrial information technology

PROCOM SYSTEM offers proprietary IT solutions which allow the monitoring and optimisation of key manufacturing and operating processes. We design, programme and implement customised systems for enterprises in the power engineering, industrial and environmental sector.

With regard to industrial IT systems we offer the following:

  • Proman - Reporting and visualisation
    A system for visualisation and supporting the management of continuous production processes - a modern tool  providing real-time knowledge of production states. Acquiring, archiving and making data from the automation systems available.


  • Vectan - Equipment operation supervision
    A system for controlling the operation of machinery and equipment.Supervision of the condition of the basic and auxiliary equipment operated in the enterprise.


  • Meskan - Optimisation of energy generation
    A system for controlling the operation of power and heat units. Determination of the efficiency of the units based on technical and economical indicators. Optimisation of electric energy and heat generation processes.


  • Optelon - Start-up loss control
    A system for controlling start-up losses. Support of the power unit start-up process optimisation. Limitation of start-up energy losses.


  • Certan - Electric energy quality monitoring
    A system for the acquisition, presentation and analysis of electric energy quality measurements. High precision of measurements thanks to the system compatibility with Class A meters.

  • Communication interfaces
    Reading data, events and alarms from controllers and other processing systems. The collection and transfer of data to master systems and other software.

  • Customised software
    Software adjusted to the individual needs of the customer or adapting the existing IT solutions.  


Contact with specialist:

Adam Rybski
Market Manager
Industrial IT Department